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Tara Dawn Solheim


Tara Dawn Solheim, "Songs of Rodeo Show", Rock Solid Productions, 2009

1. Heartbeat

2. Warui Baby

3. Little Girl

The DNT, Demo Recording, Rock Solid Productions, 2009

1. Tonite

2. Get Down

Tarantula Sound, "blue pop rock", Recorded and Mixed by Robin Watson, 

Hitchcock Recordings, album released in Japan only, 2008

1. Easy to Believe


3. Visit Tomorrow

4. Cold

5. There She Goes Again

6. Shimpei's Song

7. Had Me a Man

8. James Lane

9. The Country Song

= 7, Demo Recording, Produced by Masaroh Kamata, MKDept, 2008

1. Night or Day

2. Kanashimi

3. Late Last Summer

4. Secret to Enter

Tara Dawn Solheim, "Seldom Sessions", DVD, Produced by Sail Consulting Inc., 2005

1. Wonderwalker

2. Drive

3. Can't Win Yellow

4. Goodnight My Love

Tara Dawn Solheim, "Bellow to Boot", Spoken Word Recording, 2003

1. Rubber Boots

2. Get Back

3. Tail Gate

4. Drone

5. Roar Hope

6. Yoyo Vega

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